Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MPS-Part 14 The Day After

Oh boy, what the hell happened to me? What's wrong with my head? Ugh, no time for me to whine or show that I'm in excruciating pain. I have to get out of bed, take a shower and get ready for work. Crap...Josh is still here. I can hear his fat ass rummaging around in the fridge. Why can't he just leave already...or die? I can't even remember my own name right now, let alone what I have to do to get ready for work.

The room keeps spinning, my head is throbbing and my neck feels like I got hit with a baseball bat. Everything keeps getting fuzzy - like someone threw a piece of cheesecloth over my face. Ok, suck it up and get in the shower. My arms and legs are not cooperating with my brain. It hurts to think. Whoa, thank goodness for this shower bar in my tub or else I'd be in deep trouble. Holy shit, it hurts way too much to lift my arms and wash my hair. Pain keeps shooting up from my neck, through my head, wrapping around my brain and squeezing the life out of it like a giant octopus. It hurts to breathe. I think I'm going to die...I need to get to work so someone will know if I pass out from the pain. Otherwise I will never be found and nobody will take care of my animals. Josh will let them all die from starvation or else he will kill them. I don't trust him and nobody can seem to keep him away from me.

Hey wait a minute...how the hell did I end up at my desk? The last thing I remember is getting out of the shower and now I am sitting at my desk holding my head up because it hurts too much to let my neck do its job. Uh oh...here comes my boss. I don't know if I can bullshit him into believing there is nothing wrong with me.

Good morning Willy! What do you mean I'm slurring my words? No I'm fine, just a bit tired. Oh no, I must look like death warmed over because he is NOT buying a word coming out of my mouth. How did I get here? Honestly Willy, I have no idea. My truck is outside? I DROVE HERE? Thank God I only live 2 streets away.

My boss is a very caring soul. We've worked together for a very long time and I am close with his family. He is freaking out right now telling me I'm slurring my words, I'm stumbling around, my eyes are glazed, my movements are super slow and I seem to be breathing funny. He is making me walk next door to the doctor so he can take a look at me. Thankfully we are all friends, but I'm scared to death they are going to know Josh beat me and once it gets out and Josh finds out I told, he will kill me as he frequently promises to...

Willy carefully escorted me next door via the adjoining door so that nobody would see me walk through the front door of the doctor's office and ask a ton of nosy questions. I think they all know...I think they are all waiting for me to spill my guts. Are they nuts? I don't want Josh to finish the job and kill me for telling on him!

Here's my friend Ann who works with my doctor...good...a familiar face...I need a hug even though it's going to hurt like hell. Where did Willy go? Hey...I don't remember taking my clothes off and putting this horrible ass-peeping gown on. What's going on here? Did I black out again? Oh God I am so scared. I can't keep my thoughts straight, I can't speak, can't concentrate and I keep losing time. What's happening to me?

To be continued...

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