Tuesday, September 15, 2009

People Really ARE That Ignorant!

Wow, unbelievable. I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner, thinking about the books I'm writing, gazing out the window contemplating life...and watching the deer that feast on my plants in the backyard. It's what I do when I need to relax. Where I live, you can't hunt anywhere in this area even though it's wooded. So I spend some time every night, when possible, to just watch the deer and relax.

Here's the amazing part. My trusty Beagle was outside "doing her thing" while I was cooking. Suddenly she starts baying and howling up a veritable storm like the devil is chasing her with a hot pronged pitch-fork all the way back to the gates of hell. I know she's not barking at the deer - she's used to them by now, plus she's too old to chase them. This tells me that somebody is around that should NOT be. The bark was more of a "hey get the hell off my land" than a "hey Daddy's home".

I don't see anyone when I look out my kitchen window (plus I'm too short to see next to the house). When I go towards the front of the house to open the front door, I see out my front living room window, a strange man with no shirt on walking out from the side of my house. Mind you, my land is next to the neighbor's land that I take care of and both lots are mostly blocked off and have numerous No Trespassing signs.

The nosy ass stranger had parked his truck right in front of my driveway (wish hubby had come home at that point with his "special" vehicle) and he was walking in my backyard. Why I have no freakin clue! By the time I grabbed my gun and threw open the front door, he jumped in his truck and took off. WTF?! I watched him go down the street and guess what...he lives 3 houses down from me. Yeaaa I thought the truck looked familiar.

The whole point of having the signs up is so folks will NOT come onto my property and invade my privacy. Of course if there is a true emergency, that would be different. What the hell is wrong with people? You don't just walk on up into someone else's property and take a tour. Things like that could potentially get you hurt...or killed. This just melts the frosting off my cake, burns my biscuits and makes me want to squash bugs.

My first thought was to fire a warning shot at his truck, but hell ammo is too expensive. Plus I don't have time to go to jail. My second thought was to call the local police and report yet ANOTHER trespasser. But then I remembered what a waste of time THAT would be. Hell my stalker is still on the loose (10 years later), do you really think they can do anything about trespassers? Yes the stalker is another story for another day. He's a true psycho, which is why I'm such a nervous person.

Do any of you have any ideas on how to legally stop people like that? I am out of ideas. I cannot afford a fence - thought about cattle gates, but figured they'd look tacky. So for now, I remain, a nervous wreck.

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