Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Psycho Stalker - Part 3

The next day after the cookout with Laura and Gerald, Josh and I got into a heated argument about his ex-wife. I was furious with him for not telling me all about that saga and he was not pleased with me for trying to go after her. Well you know what...too damn bad. She shouldn't have opened her big toothless mouth and called me a "f*cking c*nt". It would've served her right to get her ass kicked.

He stayed home with me that day and he had a few drinks. Little did I know, he had a drinking problem. Have you ever heard the old adage "instant asshole, add alcohol"? Yep...that was him. He got an attitude, I ignored him and we worked it out for the moment. Josh started telling me more and more of his background (which he did every now and then when he was drinking) and family. What is truth and what is fiction, I have no idea.

Cyndi Lauper sang the song "True Colors" a long time ago. I never realized how true those words were until I lived with this character for awhile. At the time, I had a small car and my truck. I'd purchased the truck for myself as a birthday present a year or two before (after saving for 10 years) and didn't want to get rid of my little car. You guessed it - Josh didn't have reliable transportation and asked if he could use my car to go back and forth to work if he couldn't find a ride. Since I got sick and tired of being the backup who took him to and from work, I said sure. That was a mistake. (Mind you, a big, fat guy in a little Isuzu I-Mark 2 door car). He was NOT allowed to touch my truck. Nobody touches my truck!

So me being the nice person that I am, I let him use the car - which soon became all the time. Every now and then he would put gas in it (how mighty white of him), I paid the insurance, taxes, registration and maintenance on the car.

Not too long after he moved in with me, we had to move. The mother-in-law apartment I was living in was too inconvenient. The downstairs neighbors were total jackasses, they were loud and I think they were selling drugs out of the house. They had visitors 24/7 who would always park in front of my vehicles so we could never leave. Also the landlord (slum lord) didn't separate the utilities for the two places, so I ended up paying more than my fair share of the bills. Yes, when you are renting two apartments out of one house, you are supposed to have two separate accounts/meters for the utilities. This jerk didn't do that. Too bad I didn't know that before I signed the lease agreement.

Anyway, we started looking for a place closer to where he worked because Josh wanted to walk to work. He told me he wanted to lose his extra weight and get back in shape. After looking for awhile, he said he could rent this little house that his boss owned. So we moved.

The house was adorable and there was a huge yard, which I loved. It was pretty much in the backyard of where he worked, so he could go back and forth easily without having to use my car. It was also closer to where I was working and I was saving commute time and gas money. Ahhh, life was grand.

Little did I know, this would be the "evil house". Not too long after we moved in, Josh began to have temper tantrums and when we got into arguments, he'd get physical. It began slowly with either a shove or him grabbing my arm or slamming a door in my face. But it soon escalated to much more than that.

To be continued...

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  1. Waiting patiently for part 8 please