Friday, October 9, 2009

My Psycho Stalker - Part 5

After the black eye incident, I kept a permanent smile on my face so nobody would ever know that I was a victim of abuse. Again. I pushed most of my friends aside, mostly because he didn't allow me to socialize with anyone, including family.

A few months later, tempers escalated once again. He came home from work and as I went to kiss him, I noticed he smelled like pot. (I do not condone the use, and I forbid it in my house - plus I'm allergic to it. I have asthma attacks from the stench). I confronted him on the issue and first he lied and denied everything. I got mad and said "that's it, I'm through. This is the last straw. I do NOT cohabitate with druggies". You'd think that I would've learned to keep my mouth shut by now. Nope. We got into an argument, then he started threatening me and it got violent again.

The final straw was the house we were renting from his boss was a total piece of shit. I'm very allergic to mold...every time it rained, the roof leaked and the water ran down the roof supports to the ceiling and then to the bathroom door frame, all over the wood floor. That's a sound I will never forget...the sudden onset of rain INSIDE the house! No matter how much I cleaned, there was still mold. Plus the roof and supports were rotting. Needless to say, I could never breathe in the house and I was miserable. But I knew better than to complain.

Then the well ran dry. After no water for a few weeks, the slum lord finally had a new well drilled. Are you ready for this? All we got out of the faucet was black water. I shit you not...I spent so much money on Diamond Springs water, I should've bought stock in the company. And we had to shower at Josh's work after hours. That was creepy for me. Of course I got fed up with all the bullshit and we started arguing. I threatened to move out and leave him there, since he wanted to stay so badly. And then I accused him of being afraid to stand up to his boss and tell him his house is a fucking piece of shit and we weren't paying rent. I paid for those remarks, believe me.

I was thoroughly fed up, so I began looking for a house to buy. I was done with renting from assholes who didn't care that the roof was leaking or that there was NO water in the house. I finally found a house in the same area that I could afford on my own, that was close to my work (within walking distance!) and close to Josh's work (not quite walking distance for his fat ass, although I could have done it). I went through the "real estate dance" and eventually purchased the house.

The Sellers were so kind. I explained to them that I was living in a rented house and had been without water for months, etc. We struck up a deal whereby I would pay the Sellers rent for 2 weeks until we closed on the house. God bless them!! I hugged them both (husband and wife) and the realtor. I had a house with clean, running water!!

I bought the house just before Christmas - Merry Christmas to me!! It happens to be the house I still live in now. I had high hopes that we could work out our problems now and maybe go to counseling (for him) now that we had the stress of the shit-house off our backs and had a nice, new place to live. Yes with clean, running water and a roof that didn't leak!!

But dreams were short lived. To be continued...

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